How to prepare for writing work?

Things to do before you do not have to work hard.

When starting to write a diploma thesis, one should remember about several important stages that follow each other in the set order.

  1. First of all, you need to consult the whole topic with the promoter. Only after its final approval, when we have an approved subject, you can take any action. It often happens that students work on a topic, collect materials, take notes, and the supervisor suddenly changes the subject or concept completely. That’s why the arrangements at the very start are so important. It is necessary to attend diploma seminars, on which we can convince ourselves to a topic, a scientific problem which we want to research and solve. Once we find out that the topic suits us best, we present our concept to the promoter, waiting for approval.
  2. The next stage is to set a plan for the diploma thesis, which is also called an outline or a list of contents. These concepts and their scope may vary at individual universities. That is why it is worth inquiring at the dean’s office and determining the relevant criteria of the work plan. Mostly it contains a chapter of the dissertation chapters and sub-sections, their names and the order set. It also indicates the introduction, ending and bibliography as important elements of the diploma thesis.

Issues in the plan should be constructed from general to specific. This is the basic principle and writing works at the highest scientific level. Then the research problem is broken down into smaller parts in a slow, accurate, understandable way for the researcher and for the reviewer and other readers. In theoretical works, often also undergraduate or engineering, the work plan usually consists of three chapters in which the most important issues for a given topic should be placed. Some should be omitted because it is impossible to include such a large number of pages in this size.

There may be between three and even five, six or more chapters in research and analytical work. They usually contain, in addition to theory, also the methodological chapter and the results of research.

  1. After the plan has been put together, it should be re-given to the promoter so that he can make the final touches and approve this concept, which will be a signal to the next stage.
  2. When we have a work plan, we can concretize research goals, problems, hypotheses, research methods and tools, variables, indicators, research area, population. In theoretical work there is no requirement for most of these elements, but it is worth having a purpose.
  3. Then we go to the collection of bibliography, that is, scientific studies, books, articles, and legal acts that will be the most valuable for our topic.

In the diploma thesis requires a large number of required literature items ranging from 20 to even over a hundred. It is worth asking for these requirements each time at the dean’s office, or check on the website. It’s easy to make a mistake and make a mistake, which can cost a lot of futile work.

It is necessary to carry out a diploma thesis based on the stages that follow one by one and make up the final success of the work. Each of them should be consulted with the promoter and after his acceptance go to the next.

It is not worth running too much forward, but to think, collect, search and describe calmly. Although the thesis is an independent work, the promoter decides on the final approval of each element.

Humbleness and patience are the basis of every student’s success.